Down With The Cold? Here’s Three Treatments That May Do The Trick!

It may just be a lousy head cold, but it sure can make you feel miserable! For most of us, the moment we feel the sniffles coming on, accompanied by that nagging discomfort in our throat, we reach for the nearest cold or flu medicine we have on hand.

Perhaps though, nature could also provide us with a few great remedies for cold symptoms (just like how life insurance companies provide us life insurance rates by age). Let’s take a quick look at three of them.

Lemon And Honey

Both renowned for their healing properties, a warm lemon and honey drink will not only comfort you in your pitiful state, but will also help your body to naturally heal from the inside out. Simply place a generous teaspoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon in a nice big mug and stir in hot water, after that put your feet up and enjoy!

Stay Warm And Rest Up

Sometimes all our body needs to recover from a cold is chance to catch it’s breath. So cancel your calendar for the next 24 hours, put the heating on, stay in your pajamas and put your feet up. Tomorrow morning may very well have you feeling well on the mend!

Enjoy A Hot Steamy Shower

Feeling completely bunged up makes for a miserable mood. Taking a warm shower can provide moisture for your nasal passages and help your body to relax.

Granted you may choose to reach for your cold medicine anyway, but the above three tips may also play their part in having you as right as rain in no time!

Frugal Tip of The Day!!

Okay, so if you are anything like me you probably have some trash lying around in your car (or maybe it’s just me). So, how do you control it? Take an empty baby wipe container, and fill it with some of those empty plastic grocery bags. Slide the wipe container under the seat in your car, and the next time you need to do a quick clean up simply take out a bag. I love finding new ways to use old items, like empty wipe containers, so this is a win win for me.


Decorating on a budget!!

I am used to working on a budget, in all aspects of my life. On our budget certain things take lower priority, for instance decorating. However, this week we decided to decorate my oldest daughters room, but of course I wanted to stay strictly within our budget. So, how did we do it?

Well, first I checked all of the sales. I have been looking for bedding to go on sale for the past few weeks, and finally Target put their cute bedding sets on sale. I took my daughter with me so that she could pick out what she wanted (this was a good lesson on money for her). At first she loved everything that we saw (she is only 5 years old), but after much debate on colors and price she finally decided on a cute set with polk a dots. The great thing about Target this week was they also had their sheet sets on sale, so we were able to find a cute one to match the comforter set.

Next we turned our attention to the walls. They were plain white, so we wanted to add color without painting. We decided to go with Wall Decals. We found dots that matched the colors in her bedding set, so we grabbed those. I must say that I love these wall stickers. They are so easy to apply, all you do is peel them off and stick them where you want them. You can even peel them off of the wall and reposition them if you want to. We bought two packages of them, and they added just enough color for her room.